Great Dane Films

Film Production

Great Dane Films is the film production company from Christian Heath which writes and produces short films and TV series.

It was started in Australia in 2011 when he was part of the team that created the 52 part Web series, Flat Whites which was later won awards and was made into a 6 part TV series. Great Dane Films wrote and produced Subclass 417 which was also televised and won an award.

Since then, Great Dane Films gone on to write a short theatre play, ‘Speed Date’, which won an audience award and write/produce a further three short films.¬†

Great Dane Films is now based in the UK.

Past Productions:

Safe Word (Short) – In Post Production – Writer/ Production

Dr Curtis (Short) Р2021 РWriter/ Production 

Breakdown (Short) – 2013 – Writer/ Production

Subclass 417 (TV Mini Series) – 2013 –Writer/ Production

Speed Date (Play) – 2013 – Writer

Flat Whites (TV Series) – 2012 – Writer


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